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RASA FITNESS & Fit-Kraft Academy

Rasa Fitness & Fit-Kraft Academy holds strongly on the commitment of not only in bringing the best quality and efficient fitness coaching services & Group X Classes to individuals, institutions, and corporate in Singapore but we also believe in engaging only experience & well-trained instructors providing through its wide range of services.


Everyone has their own goals, starting point and pace. Rasa Fitness & Fit-Kraft Academy is not about competition, it's about giving you the encouragement and knowledge to enjoy and improve your life. From children through to grandparents, it is never too early or too late to start. Our vision for Rasa Fitness & Fit-Kraft Academy is all about realizing potential. Rasa Fitness & Fit-Kraft Academy is all about making the best of what we have and can be applied across all aspects of life. At Rasa Fitness & Fit-Kraft Academy, we aim to help members reach their objectives, whatever they may be.

Rasa Fitness & Fit-Kraft Academy team of well-trained & experienced instructors & trainers will enable people to have a clear understanding of their abilities & potentials, helping them to focus on self-development, personal achievement and to surpassing oneself to maintain a healthy lifestyle, developing leadership and social skills and expanding cross-cultural understanding and peace.


Rasa Fitness & Fit-Kraft Academy team focus entirely on impeccable quality, efficiency, trust, discretion & listening coaching philosophy.


Respect, Willingness, Perfection and Rigour are our Leitmotiv.




Rasa Fitness & Dance Academy

3 Coleman Street


Peninsula Shopping Complex


Fit-Kraft Academy (Aka Rasa 2)

 140 Paya Lebar Rd, #07-21 , Az @ Paya Lebar Singapore 409015

Rasa Fitness : +65 9673 6269

Fit-Kraft Academy : +65 8363 3421

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