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Whatever your goal, we’re here to help you slay it and have fun at the same time.

Meet The Team


Angela Aiken

Angela Aiken, one of Rasa Fitness elite instructor, started her exposure in dance as young as 4-year old as a child ballet dancer & a cheerleader in high school. Having stay in Oz for most of her school going days & studying in UK for 6yrs, she has traveled widely & taught in various clubs & gyms in these countries. Been teaching & instructing for more than 8years in fitness


Ting Ting

Currently teaching at Rasa Fitness & Dance Academy  & PA Community Centre for Trampoliné Fitness ™, Piloxing SSP & Hatha Yoga & Flow, Bungee Dance Fitness.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her classes, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where students can feel comfortable and empowered to achieve their fitness goals.

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Alice Lim Lay Peng

Alice Lim, is a corporate professional and has been an accounts executive for more than 2 decades. Despite her day job, Alice never fails to stay active and healthy. An avid Zumba fan, what started out as a hobby became a lifestyle. An extremely optimistic individual, she strongly believe in continuous learning.


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