Street Jazz Instructor - Terrence Yang


Terrence is an all rounded performer that has collectively exposure of stage experiences in drama, dance and hosting. Trained in Jazz, Street Jazz and Hip hop, Terrence has been performing passionately since his youthful school days. Choreographed and Participated in many dance competitions, he has represented himself well in many local renowned dance competitions and was awarded many awards. Terrence has more than 10 years of experience in dance choreography and teaching students from various age groups.


With his extensive background in training individuals in the performing arts, Terrence has been teaching and directing for various institutions, organizations, community and corporate sectors.




Trainer's Qualifications



Drama Instructor


Dance Instructor

Trained in Jazz, Street Jazz and Hip hop





Dance Competition Judge for Pop

Culture 2 & 3, Youthout! 2012

Flashmob Choreographer for SYOG Community Celebrations @ NYP (2000 participants)

Musical Producer & Choreographer of NYP 20th Anniversary (Homecoming)

Happi Family Game! The Musical

Our Tampines Story The Musical

Mr & Ms SIM The Musical

Great World Family Fun

Multicultural Show-time, and more.