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Trampoliné Fitness For Beginners Workshop

Come join us for an awesome good time for a beginners' workshop!


The basis of Trampoliné Fitness™ is a combination of fast and slow jumps, variations of traditional aerobic steps, dynamic sprints and ”power sports” elements. The complexity of the exercises guarantees that one’s whole body will be strengthened.


This exercise is three times more effective than jogging. This is due to the constant gravitational changes, which involve more than 400 muscles being tightened and relaxed at the same time. Far more than is the case with most other types of endurance sports.

Date: 13 October 2018 

Time: 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Ticket: S$45.00

Venue: Rasa Fitness & Dance Studio A

3 Coleman Street 


Peninsula Shopping Center


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