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Benedict Koh


Benedict is an ex-regular from the Singapore Armed Forces. He had a heavy hand in the development of training within the elite units of the SAF, having served initially as a military Instructor and Training Officer in the Naval Diving Unit (NDU) for three full years, a Special Forces Instructor in the Commando Training Institute for the next three, and ending his career as the Chief Instructor of Frogman School, NDU in early 2015. Ben has always had a strong passion to teach which saw him switching majors from Life Sciences to Psychology when he was pursuing his Bachelor Degree back in the day. He also furthered his studies in the field by specializing in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a more practical approach to Psychology especially applicable to coaching. Having spent most of his career in the military conducting and developing training within two pinnacle formations in the SAF, coupled with his understanding of the human mind and passion to teach, makes Ben an ideal and more than qualified candidate to conduct the new strength and endurance training programs.


Ever since he started physical fitness training at the age of 16, Ben has maintained fitness as a tenant of his daily routine.


Trainers Qualifications

First Aid

Basic Exercise Course

Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner

Krav Maga Fighter Grade 3



Good Service Medal (SAF)

Republic of Singapore Navy Star Service Award WY10/11

MINDEF Star Service Award 2011



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